What Does ‘Expedited Delivery’ Even Mean?

The phrase ‘expedited delivery’ is something you’ll probably have come across quite often, but if you’ve ever stopped to wonder what it actually means, don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone.

Well, it’s time to stop wondering. We’re here to help clear things up, let you know exactly what expedited delivery means, and how it could help you grow your business.

Expedited delivery is a little-known delivery option that packs a punch in terms of efficiency, value and security. So, let’s get started by taking a closer look at the meaning of this common type of delivery.

What does expedited delivery even mean?

The word ‘expedite’ literally means to ‘make (an action or process) happen sooner or be accomplished more quickly’. And in the context of delivery services, the definition is much the same.

Expedited deliveries are deliveries where time is of the essence. Products sent by expedited delivery are time sensitive, and either the sender or the purchaser will have paid to ensure that their parcels are fast-tracked.

Haven’t I seen the phrase expedited delivery somewhere before?

Probably! You’ll find the words ‘expedited delivery’ displayed at many an online checkout page, as a potential delivery option for those looking to ensure the speedy receipt of their purchases. So, if you’ve been ordering products from online marketplaces such as Amazon or Etsy, you’ll likely have come across this type of delivery listed as an option when you make your purchase. It’s usually suggested as an option if one-day, priority or express delivery is unavailable.

Expedited delivery services are also regularly advertised via third-party fulfilment companies, and are particularly popular with businesses opting for ‘collect, pack and ship’ fulfilment solutions. In these cases, expedited delivery options might be used regularly, or they could be used on an ad hoc basis when a business is particularly busy and unable to carry out fulfilment tasks in-house.

How long does expedited delivery take?

The key selling point with expedited delivery services is speed. These are the services that businesses turn to when they’ve been let down by an alternative courier, or they need something urgently. The exact time taken to complete expedited deliveries varies from courier to courier, and can also be dictated by the distance goods need to travel. However, as a general rule of thumb expedited deliveries will be complete within two to three days. That makes expedited delivery two days faster than most standard delivery methods.

How does expedited delivery reduce the risk of damage?

Expedited delivery services are unlike standard shipping methods as they tend to transport goods from collection point to delivery without ever stopping en route. That’s why they’re so quick. With expedited delivery, your parcel will be sent on the most direct route possible, and won’t head off on any diversions to collect other goods on the way.

It’s easy to see how this makes expedited delivery faster than some of its rivals, and it’s also a benefit in terms of risk reduction. As goods sent by expedited delivery will usually remain in one truck for the duration of their journey, they are far less likely to incur accidental damage as a result of being unloaded and reloaded repeatedly. That’s good news for the sender, and it’s great for the customer too.

Does expedited delivery offer enhanced security?

A decreased risk of damage and a speedier delivery time aren’t the only advantages of expedited delivery. Another key benefit that’s worth noting is security. As we’ve discussed, expedited delivery options tend to keep parcels in one method of transport for the duration of the journey, which is a huge advantage in terms of security.

Parcels sent via expedited delivery are far less likely to be accidentally lost in transit, as their journey is a more efficient and direct one than those sent by standard delivery. And of course, all parcels sent in this way benefit from complete tracking, which can be used to keep both sender and recipient updated on the progress of the parcel’s journey throughout. That extra peace of mind is great for both parties, and it’s another big reason why businesses choose to send their products via expedited delivery.

Is expedited delivery worth the price tag?

Of course, when you compare expedited delivery options to standard delivery services you will immediately notice that expedited delivery does come with a slightly higher price tag. If that price seems a little off-putting, it might be a good time to weigh up the pros and cons of expedited delivery.

If delivery time isn’t a crucial factor in your decision, you’ll likely find that expedited delivery simply isn’t worth the increased expense for your business. However, if there is any amount of urgency involved in your shipping requirements, you may well feel that the assurances offered by expedited delivery options are indeed worth the extra cost.

There are many reasons why a business might feel that it’s worth investing extra cash in expedited delivery. In cases where an entire project depends on the fast, successful delivery of certain tools, stock or machinery, waiting around may, in fact, cost businesses more. Medical tools and supplies might also be urgently required, and it’s easy to see how the extra cost of expedited delivery could seem insignificant in these scenarios.

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