A simple way to manage your claims. Here’s how…

We’ve made this step-by-step guide to help you deal with shipment issues straight from your dashboard.

Where can I find this nifty new tool?

The ‘Claims’ section can be found on the left-hand side menu of your dashboard, as shown below. It’s in between ‘Billing’ and ‘Cost Calculator’.

Claims Section in Dashboard
It’s in between ‘Billing’ and ‘Cost Calculator’

All claims can be initiated and managed from the Claims section.

What is a claim (and what is it not)?

Claims are requests for refunds. They are always initiated by you, and only by using the Dashboard Claims tool.

Claims may lead to a refund, but claims shouldn’t be confused with the actual refunds. Refunds are usually the result of a successful claim.

When can I make a claim?

Here are the four scenarios for when you may be eligible for a claim:

  • Damage. One or more items arrived damaged at your customer.
  • Loss. The order never arrived at your customer.
  • Missing item(s). One or more items where not in the received parcel(s).
  • Overcharged. You were charged more than the agreed price for a particular shipment.

What happens after I submit a claim?

Once you submit a claim, the Weengs Customer Service team members are notified.

The details and documents you provided are checked and we reach out to you if need anything else.

When there’s an update, you’ll receive an email notification and details will be found in the Claims section of your dashboard.

Here’s an example of how a new claim is submitted

In the claims section, you need to click the button “MAKE A NEW CLAIM” on the top right.

In this section, you can also see a history of past claims you’ve submitted, either solved or pending.
In this section, you can also see a history of past claims you’ve submitted, either solved or pending.

A search bar will pop up. It’s easy to find the shipment you want to claim for: just enter the order number, tracking number or recipient’s name.

Search by order number, tracking number or recipient's name.
A list shows up with the issues that you can claim for. You’ll need to select one to move forward with the claim.
Once you select the reason for your claim, click the “NEXT STEP” button.

This takes you to a page where you can fill in all the details. You can be exhaustive here – the more information you can provide the better. It will result in less back-and-forth and a quicker resolution. But, please bear in mind you’ll always need to provide us with an invoice for the cost of your items, and in the case of damages, photographic evidence will be required too.

Please provide us with as much information as possible in support of your claim

For every claim, we need proof of acquisition cost (what it costs your business to buy or make the item you are selling). Depending on the type of claim, we may need additional details and documents from you.

The system is easy to use and will tell you what you need to provide for each type of claim when you submit a claim.

For example, if you’re claiming for a shipment that was damaged, the system will ask you for proof of acquisition cost alongside pictures of the damaged item, the parcel that included it and the label, as seen below.

Once you click ‘SUBMIT CLAIM’ you’re done! You’ll also get an email to confirm this.

If we need additional information…

On some occasions, we might get in touch to ask for more details.

If we do, you’ll see an orange new message notification bubble in your Claims section to let you know a reply is pending. But you’ll also get an email to let you know we’ve gotten back in touch regarding your claim. When you get this email or see the orange notification bubble, just return to the Claims section in your Dashboard, to see what’s new.

There’s a timeline available for each claim, with all correspondence.

How is a claim resolved?

A claim can receive a full refund, a partial refund or get rejected.

You may be refunded in credits (which you can use as discounts on future shipments) or monetary, by providing an invoice when the claim is resolved (in this case, Weengs will bank transfer you the amount that’s supposed to be refunded to you).

Disputing a claim resolution

If you would like to dispute the resolution you can provide a further argument in the same thread. In the example above, the item value claimed for is different for what was found for the same item. If you disagree, just click ‘Dispute claim and reply’.

If this leads to a full approval of your claim, you’ll receive an update with the new resolution.

Refunding by invoice

If the approved refund is monetary (as opposed to credits), we’ll need you to provide an invoice for the approved sum.

Processing your refund

After the resolution is final, we will either apply the credits to your account or process a payment via bank transfer.

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