How Much Does Delivery Cost?

If you’re running a business that sells a physical product, delivery costs will undoubtedly be high on your list of expenses. In recent years we’ve seen a huge increase in the numbers of stores offering rock bottom delivery prices, and promising incredibly fast delivery times too. That means today’s customers expect more than ever before when it comes to delivery options.

The variety of delivery options on offer at online stores now plays a pivotal role in the buyer’s decision-making process. Offer free next day delivery and promise your customers that their brand new shoes will be on their feet within 24 hours, and you’ll likely see those sales figures soar. Insist on customers paying a hefty fee for a lengthy delivery process, and no doubt they’ll head elsewhere for those brand-new kicks.

If you’re looking for quick, simple fixes that could make a real impact on your business, delivery options are a great place to start. There are lots of different types of delivery service, which have all been created to meet a growing list of requirements from both sellers and buyers.

Take a look at some of the most common delivery options and find out about the costs, advantages and disadvantages of these widely used delivery methods. You never know, you might just find a better delivery service for your business – and you might be amazed at the success such a change could bring!

How Much is Recorded Delivery?

Recorded delivery is just as fast as next day delivery, but it offers both sender and recipient an added element of security, as items sent via this method require a signature on arrival. This signature serves as proof that the delivery has been successfully carried out. This method of delivery is widely used for important documents and precious items.

Just like other delivery options, recorded delivery prices vary according to the size and weight of the parcel being sent. However, there are other optional extras which can be added to this delivery method, which will incur additional fees. So, if you’re sending valuable items and you want to add higher compensation amounts in case of accidental loss or damage, you can do so, for a small increase in your delivery cost.

The price of recorded deliveries ranges from around £18, which would cover the cost of recorded delivery for a letter, right up to in excess of £50, for larger or more valuable items. The higher the level of compensation you require should your parcel go missing, the more you’ll pay for your recorded delivery service.

How Much Is Same Day Delivery?

If you need to transport goods urgently, same day delivery is your best friend. Companies offering same day delivery options will collect parcels from you incredibly quickly. In fact, many offer to be at your HQ, collecting your goods, within an hour! Then, your goods will be off on their way to their final destination.

The method of transport used in same-day delivery services varies according to the size of your parcel, and this is one of the determining factors in deciding how much that same day delivery will cost. The other big determining factor is, of course, the distance which will need to be travelled.

If you’re shipping something small, like an A4 box, and both of your addresses are in the same city, you’ll be looking at a price in the region of £30. Larger, or heavier parcels require a truck to transport them, and will, therefore, cost significantly more. Deliveries of two pallets of more, for example, will usually cost in excess of £75 if it’s being sent via same day delivery.

How Much Is Next Day Delivery?

For parcels that need to reach their destination fast, but not quite as fast as those being sent via same day delivery, the best option is next day delivery. If you’re using a next day delivery service in the UK, your parcel is guaranteed to reach your customer before the end of the following day.

For a slightly higher price tag, you can offer your customers a guaranteed time slot, or ensure that parcels arrive before a specific time, like 12 noon for example. Next day delivery services for small parcels start at approximately £5.99, but can increase significantly depending on the size and weight of the parcel, and the length of the journey it’s going on.

What About Online Marketplaces, like Amazon?

Many online stores, such as Amazon, are able to offer customers free next day delivery services, as long as a minimum spend is met. Several other giants of the online eCommerce world, like ASOS for example, also offer an annual subscription for their next day delivery services. Their customers are entitled to guaranteed next day delivery for an entire year, in return for one annual payment, rather than paying a flat fee for each item you’d like delivered.

This alternative plan shows that businesses are starting to think differently about the way that delivery costs are presented to customers, as part of ongoing efforts to stay at the top of a fiercely competitive market.


If you’re still unsure about the best possible delivery options for your business, or you’re looking to investigate new ways of offering delivery services, in the style of Amazon and ASOS, make sure you get in touch! Our team can assist you with all things delivery; we know all the different delivery options and costs inside out.

Drop us a line and we’ll streamline your delivery process and make life simple. All you’ll need to tell us is what your delivery requirements are, how fast you need items delivered and what level of security you’re looking for. Then, we’ll do the rest. It’s that easy.