3pl Logistic Services: an innovative new approach

If you have to look around a high-street, or talk to a shopper, you’ll quickly realise just how much shopping has changed in the last 10 years.

Shopping has changed, shops have changed, but have the processes that shops use changed much? Before Weengs came along, the answer was no.

Outdated logistic processes have been holding businesses back from reaching their potential and even getting off the ground.

This is where our streamlined logistics approach comes into play – helping you scale your business and concentrate on what matters.

Below we will explain just what it is that makes Weengs the right logistics service for right now.

The old way: what is 3pl?

Third party logistics, 3pl, and 3rd party logistics are all terms that mean the same thing. What they also represent is an outdated model for supplying customers with their goods. At its simplest, 3pl refers to outsourcing your logistics and supply chain management to a third party. This company will organise and sort out the delivery of your products to either consumers or vendors.

So you can understand just what it is that we are updating, we’ll explain a little bit about how the old format works.

What services can 3pl fulfil?


Traditionally, transportation was one of two terms that made up third-party logistics. Your products would be picked up and taken to a warehouse and when an order was fulfilled, it would be taken to where it needs to be.


Alongside transportation, warehousing was the second term to traditionally make up the term third-party logistics. Once your product had been taken from you, it would be delivered to a warehouse and stored until an order is placed for it.


This section of the process concerns itself with finding the most efficient way of moving your product to where it needs to be. A ‘direct’ distribution is when the product goes straight from manufacturer to end user. An ‘indirect’ distribution is if the product changes hands before it gets to the end point. Traditionally, 3pl is an ‘indirect’ method.

Shipping and receiving

Shipping and receiving involves managing the products during storage. The third party will ensure their safe storage and organise the best distribution and transportation method once an order has been filled for the products.

What are the disadvantages of 3pl?

3pl doesn’t cater for the changing market of, at the very least, the last decade. 3pl and fulfilment centres operate by keeping a level of stock completely separate from the shop that it is sold in. The impact of this is that, if your business is of a small or medium size, your stock becomes a separate entity from the shop. Supplying your customers like this requires doubling stock and paying for storage fees. These are costs that are hard to manage and often prevent a business from reaching the potential that it has.

The new way: why choose Weengs for logistics?

Place yourself firmly in the 21st century, just like us, with a logistics solution for these modern times. We cut out the time, cost and confusion of storing your stock in a far off warehouse – gathering dust. When a product of yours is brought, we come and collect it, package it, and get it delivered to the destination. It’s a simple process, just integrate our api with your sales dashboard and it’s as simple as clicking a couple buttons and arranging a time for us to pick up your product. We handle the rest.

What are the benefits of 3pl?

Our 3pl solutions will give you time to concentrate on running your business, without having to stress about the delivery of your product. We’re easy to talk to, flexible to your needs, and understand the hard work it takes to get a business up and running. That’s why we’ll treat your business with the respect it deserves by providing a professional service to match the products you sell.

Alongside all this, because of the amount of products and companies we work with, we are able to negotiate cheaper shipping rates than most businesses are able to get. This will save you money on the delivery process as well.

Ecommerce Logistics

When we talk about a revolution on the high street, it’s almost impossible to do so without mentioning the internet. By selling online, companies have been able to transform their business model. Alongside that, new businesses have been able to gain a foothold in a world by reaching a market way beyond their immediate location.

Our service is completely optimised for selling online. Our dashboard links with all major market places and stores like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Trouva. With us it becomes easy to manage your sales and distribution.

When should you start using 3pl?

A common question that we often come across is: at what stage of my business should I start outsourcing logistics? With older logistic models, this was a big problem, get it wrong and the overheads of storage and excessive stock can cripple a business. With us though, that problem becomes redundant, our service is ergonomic and agile to the needs that you have. It allows you to grow your business, without coming across the roadblock of logistics.

Learn more about how Weengs saves you money, time, space and hassle, with this step by step guide.

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We know all the shipping carriers and their tricks, so you don’t have to.

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