A Fulfilment Centre For The 21st Century

Here at Weengs, we treat fulfilment how it should be treated in the 21st century. This means making the process fit around the needs of your business – not the other way round. At our fulfilment centre we custom pack your items, which we pick up from you at your convenience, we then work out the cheapest way to deliver your packages – saving you cost, time, and hassle.

Unlike outdated models, this means that you don’t have to deal with surplus stock taking up space and money for storage. You can deliver to the demands of your customers, without having to outlay a large initial sum. The fulfilment process is streamlined and cost effective – helping your business deliver top quality service alongside its products.

Below you can see how we will help your business deliver and grow. .

What makes Weengs different?

Undoubtedly, you’ve worked extremely hard to get your business to where it is. We get that here, we’re also working day and night to make our business the best it can be.

Now, you’re probably on this page because you’re looking for a fulfilment service for your business. As written above, whilst you’ve been slaving away to make your business as great as possible, we’ve been doing the same. But our business is in fulfilment – so you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve changed a few things about the outdated fulfilment models of the past, this is to make the process better, smoother, and faster.

Save Cost

No more man-hours wasted on packing.

Save Time

No more queuing at the Post Office, or waiting around for collections.

All Carriers In One Account

No more pulling out your hair trying to figure out the perfect carrier. No more balancing between minimal risk and maximum urgency.

Save Space

No more stacks of packaging.

Insurance & Dedicated Customer Support

No more unplanned costs, no more hassle, no more unhappy customers.

Fulfilment Services – From Small Business To Enterprises

In our time, we’ve found our process to be particularly useful for businesses looking to scale but are being held back by outdated fulfilment services. So for small businesses, this means we take care of issues related to stock, packaging and delivery – all of which take time to do right.

You’ll find yourself freer to find more clients and customers, you’ll then find that supplying these new people is no extra work, because we take the leg work out of it. For larger businesses, our fulfilment services will simplify your process and can reduce costs by finding the cheapest carrier for your products and destination.

Amazon Fulfilment Made Simple

Since its launch, Amazon has grown to be the powerhouse of the ecommerce world. Selling on Amazon can provide your business with an extremely valuable income source, for some people it is the only source they need. We can help your business reach all this potential traffic by either delivering your products directly to people who have ordered, or by delivering to warehouses for fulfilment by Amazon.

Ebay Fulfilment Made Simple

You can integrate your ebay account with our Weengs dashboard to make your ebay fulfilment easy and more efficient. By utilising our interface you can streamline the process of buying and selling on eBay. No more packaging, no more hassle, just concentrating on selling your products.

Trouva Fulfilment Made Simple

Are you selling on Trouva? For all the independent boutiques out there, we can help with ecommerce orders. Our clients have had a dramatic reduction in stress levels by utilising our services to fulfil their orders on Trouva. By integrating with our dashboard, you can concentrate on making sure your unique style stands strong and your boutique grows.

Learn more about how Weengs saves you money, time, space and hassle, with this step by step guide.

Ecommerce should be driven by demand, not disrupted by fulfilment


We come to you, so no more queueing at the post office or chasing couriers.

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We pack for you, so no more time wasted on things you shouldn’t be doing.

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We know all the shipping carriers and their tricks, so you don’t have to.

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