No queueing,
no chasing couriers

We come to you so no more dropping off orders and no more waiting around for couriers.

Your Weengs drivers pick up your unpacked orders, at the same 2-hour time slot, every day.

Your own 2-hour time slot

When you get set you up with Weengs, you get your own daily time slot for collections. Same time, every day.

You usually have the same Weengs driver doing your route. They’re familiar with your business, know how to handle your items and how to stay out of the way if you’re busy with a customer.

Safe collections, without the packing hassle

Say goodbye to packing – we collect your orders in padded bags and our professional packers handle it for you before dispatching.

We use padded bags for fragile goods. All of this results in us having one of the lowest breakage and misplacing rates in the entire industry – you’re in safe hands.

We value our drivers because they are an integral part of the 
seamless Weengs experience.

Alex Pellegrino

Charismatic, friendly, and always smiling…

Alex lives and breathes motor sport so be warned – don’t bring up F1 unless you’ve got an afternoon to spare. He has been with the company since August 2018 and really digs the Weengs vibe. He says that everyone is always ready to help whenever he needs it, which if we’re honest, isn’t too often because he’s so darn great.

“Alex is amazing, he always goes above and beyond to make things easy for me.”

Alex at Bloombox

Phillip Roberts

Part of the family.

Life is full of little surprises and Phillip was front and centre to one GREAT surprise on his Weengs route not long ago – when he got a sneak peak of the Wonder Woman 1984 set during filming. Aside from being a bonafide star-spotter, Phillip has been with Weengs since September 2018 and feels incredibly comfortable here. He said it’s another family away from his actual family and y’know what Phillip? We feel the same. Hugs all around.

Raymond Bernasconi

More than an employee.

Whether it’s on the back of a horse when playing Red Dead Redemption or behind the wheel of his trusty Weengs chariot – Ray is a safe pair of hands. Though, we have had to install a strict ‘No Cowboy Hats’ ethos in the warehouse to ensure he’s not completely lost to his Playstation. A proper part of the family who strives to make a difference every day, Ray has been making waves at Weengs since September 2017.

“Wonderful and always punctual, he’s very helpful and really understanding if the team are short staffed”

Zoe at W.A. Green

Khalik Miah

Mr Reliable.

When he’s not doing everything we ask of him at Weengs, you can find Khalik pumping iron at the gym. Working out is part of who he is and we wouldn’t have him any other way, because otherwise we’d need someone else to pick up all the super-heavy packages. Khalik has been doing his collections, which we’ve dubbed the World’s Strongest Weengs’ Route, since March 2018 and he loves his hassle-free life/work balance.

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