Never pack again

We have trained packers and all the packaging materials you can imagine so you don’t have to worry about packing again.

Each item is unique and treated as such.

While this process is streamlined it’s by no means automated.
Each item is unique and treated as such.

Basically, all of our professional packers have to be experienced in… everything.

No more stacks of packaging materials

You get unlimited packaging materials already stored at Weengs.

Bubble wrap?! We have three kinds of it to suit various types of items AND the boxes they go into.

There’s tissue paper, void fillers, foam edges, caution stickers, vinyl tape, crossweave tape, just regular normal people tape & vanguard blankets. What the heck is that last one, right? That’s exactly the point – you don’t have to worry about it.

Here’s how it works

Your order arrives at our warehouse

Your items are checked-in the moment they arrive at the Weengs warehouse so nothing gets misplaced or delayed.

Your items are measured and weighed individually.

Dimensions are put into the Weengs ‘industrial corrugated cardboard on-demand-packaging machine’ (it’s a box printer but we just like saying it because we’re packing nerds).

Your item gets a perfect-fit box

Based on your item’s specifications, we’ll select the perfect box from our 40+ standard box models – which come in an infinite combination of shape and size. And if none of them fit, we’ll build a box completely from scratch.

Cardboard goes in on one side and
magic comes out the other

Our trained packers get to work

They focus on each order separately, using the right materials for the right item.

They weigh and measure the resulting parcel, making sure it’s in the sweet spot between maximum protection and minimum size.

Ready for dispatch

The parcel then gets a label from the best carrier and is queued for dispatch and ready for the next carrier collection.

These are the people that keep our warehouse ticking over.

Sebastian Burt

Packing Manager

Seb has been with Weengs since the early days in 2016, when there was a grand total of four people and 100 shipments a day was seen as a huge achievement. Three years, and several killer haircuts later, and Seb’s still going strong with the company. He loves the company’s willingness to try new things almost as much as he loves travelling the globe. Both of which pale in comparison to catching up with friends over a pint – because, well, we can’t be strictly business all the time…

Monica Ruscan

Junior Manager

Monica must have been a ballerina in a past life with how much time she spends on her toes. Always ready, she’s forever on-hand to solve any issues the team are facing, no matter how big or small. The fact that she joined Weengs right in the middle of Christmas 2017 tells you everything about her; she loves a challenge. A port of call for lots of workers in and around the warehouse, Monica likes to unwind with a dose of culture and video games on the weekend. Well, that is when she isn’t answering a work email at 3pm on a Sunday….

Clinton Noronha

Fleet Coordinator

Growth is a recurring theme with Clinton. He started with Weengs in the early days of 2016 as a Packer and has continued to rise. No matter the role or task, he has brought an infectious enthusiasm to his job from day one. Now an integral part of the dispatch team, Clinton loves the company’s ethos and feels like his growth (there it is again) is constantly being nurtured. Outside of the office, he loves working out and has a keen interest in bodybuilding. Which now we think about it, is also about growth – classic Clinton.

Jaser Osmond

Batch Operations Executive

After starting as a packer in December 2017, Jaser moved over to the operations team and has made the role his own. Learning so much about logistics that he could use it as his specialist subject on Mastermind, he’s a key cog in Weengs’ daily operations. Outside of the warehouse, Jaser regularly plays volleyball with his friends – and if he can swat the ball with the same efficiency that he swats away potential problems, then he must be one hell of a player.

Vladislav Filipenko

Packing Manager

The man, the myth, the person you’d most want around if you’d just bought a huge chest of drawers from IKEA. Vlad is so good at packing and unpacking, it’s literally in his job title! He’s been with Weengs since late 2016 and feels completely at home after moving through a variety of different roles, each of which he excelled in. Outside of work, Vlad really enjoys visiting the beach and standing on one leg (which is code for saying he forgot to fill out this section and we had to improvise).

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